All-Consuming Characters

A series of editorial illustrations by Everett Wilson, celebrating people's obsessions.

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Poster in a white frame. The illustration depicts a female figure with a microphone instead of a head. She is holding a guitar.
Illustration of a human figure with a birdcage replacing their head.
Illustration of a figure with a circular saw for a head.
Poster image of a character with a nintendo instead of a regular head.
Mockup of a poster illustration hanging on the wall of a minimalist eating area.
Poster illustration of a woman in a business suit holding a disposable drink cup filled with orange liquid. The same orange liquid is inside an oversized blender, which stands in for her head. She is wearing a nametag that reads, "Ms. Blends."
Mockup of an illustration hanging on a clothes line, showing a character with a giant camera instead of a regular human head.
Illustration of a character with a giant camera instead of a regular human head.
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About me

Hello! My name is Everett Wilson and I'm an illustrator, printmaker, cartoonist, and creator of The Push Button Heads comic strip. I live, work, and play in Calgary (Moh-kins-tsis), Canada. Find out more about me here.


Illustrator & Cartoonist
2005 - Now


Senior Director, Operations & Development
2012 - Now

Master of Arts

University of Calgary
2005 - 2008